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Ocean Surface Currents

06 - 08 May 2013

Organisation: European Space Agency (ESA)

Location: Noordwijk, the Netherlands

Conference Overview:

The aim of this meeting is to review scientific priorities, assess new technologies, discuss novel mission concepts and advance towards the definition of the next generation of ocean surface currents measurements from space.

Ocean Surface Currents (OSC) are the coherent horizontal movement of surface ocean water with a given velocity and an upper boundary in contact with the atmosphere that persist over a geographical region and time period.

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SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing 2013

29 April - 03 May 2013

Organisation: SPIE

Contact for information: - +1 360 676 3290

P.O. Box 10, Bellingham, WA 98227, United States

Location: Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Registration dates: Open: December 2012 - Closed: 02 May 2013

Submission deadlines: Abstracts: 22 October 2012 - MSS: 08 April 2013

Exhibition Overview:

Participate in conferences offering the latest developments in Defence, Homeland Security, and Law Enforcement Applications, IR Sensors and Systems, and sensing and related technologies. Join attendees from more than 1,600 organisations - a cross-section of the most important government agencies, universities, laboratories, and commercial organisations working in defence, security, and sensing.

  • Defence, Homeland Security, and Law Enforcement
  • Sensing for Industry, Environment, and Health
  • Displays for Innovative Applications
  • Sensor Data and Information Exploitation
  • Unmanned, Robotic, and Layered Systems
  • Space Technologies and Operations
  • IR Sensors and Systems
  • Information Systems and Networks: Processing, Fusion, and Knowledge Generation
  • Signal, Image, and Neural Net Processing
  • Laser Sensors and Systems
  • Imaging and Sensing
  • Emerging Technologies

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SPIE Microtechnologies 2013

24 - 26 April 2013

Organisation: SPIE

Location: Grenoble, France

Registration deadline: April 2013

Manuscript submission deadline: 29 March 2013

Conference Overview:

SPIE Microtechnologies is the premier European meeting for the latest research in microtechnologies, from bio-engineered and bio-inspired systems to developments in photonic materials, devices, and applications.

Meet colleagues from academia and industrial research groups in the Savoy Alps (Alpes de Savoie) in France this April. Take advantage of the synergies created by engineers, scientists, researchers, and managers working on various aspects of microtechnologies.

Hear the latest research from:

  • Smart Sensors, Actuators, and MEMS
  • VLSI Circuits and Systems
  • Nanotechnology
  • Bioelectronics, Biomedical, and Bio-inspired Systems
  • Integrated Photonics: Materials, Devices and Applications

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35th International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment

22 - 26 April 2013

Organisation: Center for Earth Observation and Digital Earth (CEODE)

Location: Beijing, China

Abstract submission deadline: 15 October 2012

Registration deadline: 15 April 2013

Symposium Overview:

The theme of the 2013 symposium will be "Earth Observation and Global Environmental Change - 50 Years of Remote Sensing: Progress and Prospects"
The symposium aims to focus on the theories and applications that make Earth observation a crucial element in the study of phenomena related to global environmental change.

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SPIE Optics and Optoelectronics Exhibition 2013

15 - 18 April 2013

Organisation: SPIE

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Manuscript submission deadline: 18 March 2013

Exhibition Overview:

SPIE Optics + Optoelectronics, attend and see the latest research and integration in these technologies. Review the advances made in the areas of metamaterials, high-energy and high power lasers, laser acceleration of electrons, protons and ions.

Where research, technology and industry meet. Optical instruments are addressing an ever increasing number of industrial and research applications: imaging and vision, defence, telecommunications, space, transportation, industrial process control, laser fusion, etc.

Hear the latest research in:

  • Metamaterials
  • Nonlinear Optics and Applications
  • Photon Counting Applications
  • Quantum Optics and Quantum Information Transfer and Processing
  • Optical Sensors
  • Micro-structured and Specialty Optical Fibres
  • Holography: Advances in Classical Holography and Modern Trends
  • Harnessing Relativistic Plasma Waves as Novel Radiation Sources from Terahertz to X-rays
  • EUV and X-ray Optics: Synergy between Laboratory and Space
  • Damage to VUV, EUV, and X-ray Optics
  • Advances in X-ray Free-Electron Laser Instrumentation
  • High-Power, High-Energy, and High-Intensity Laser Technology
  • Medical Applications of Laser Generated Beams of Particles: Review of Progress Made in Recent Years
  • Laser Acceleration of Electrons, Protons and Ions
  • Research Using Extreme Light: Entering New Frontiers with PW-Class Lasers
  • Laser Energy Workshop
  • Integrated Optics: Physics and Simulations-NEW!

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SMOS and Aquarius Science Workshop

15 - 17 April 2013


Location: Brest, France

Registration and abstract submission deadline: 18 February 2013

Workshop Overview:

The main objectives of the workshop are to provide the SMOS and Aquarius Science communities with an overview on the present quality of the provided data and an outlook on future algorithm developments as well as providing a forum for discussion on specific topics related to improving sea surface salinity and soil moisture retrievals through dedicated working groups.

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Workshop on a certification scheme for the EO industry

15 - 16 April 2013

Organisation: European Space Agency (ESA) / European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC)

Location: Frascati, Italy

Workshop Overview:

The workshop will bring together the key players from each part of the EO service value chain; satellite operators, VA service providers, key customers as well as other stakeholders; ESA, EC, EARSC. A scheme will be proposed based on the work to date and the context of product and company certification will be addressed. The views of the various stakeholders will be presented representing differing needs at different stages of the value chain. Both institutional and commercial customers will present their views. The suppliers will be asked to present what they already do and working groups will be organised along thematic/market lines i.e. vertically, to examine the specific interests which will be presented to the workshop as part of a round table session. Conclusions will be drawn as to the next steps to be taken on the nature of the scheme, areas where pilot projects could be considered and linking activities between the various stakeholders.

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First International Conference on Remote Sensing and Geoinformation of Environment

08 - 10 April 2013

Organisation: Cyprus University of Technology and CRS

Location: Paphos, Cyprus

Abstract submission deadline: 10 January 2013

Conference Overview:

The first International Conference on Remote Sensing and Geoinformation of Environment will take place in Paphos, Cyprus from 08-10 April 2013 with the aim of networking with leading experts in the field of Remote Sensing and Geo-information.

The Keynote Speakers and thought-provoking technical program will encourage the exchange of ideas and provide the foundation for future collaboration and innovation. The Technical Program is open to all topics in Remote Sensing and Geo-information of Environment and related techniques and applications.

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8th SIG-Imaging Spectroscopy Workshop

08 - 10 April 2013

Organisation: European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories (EARSeL) / Laboratoire de Planétologie et Géodynamique de Nantes / Nantes University

Location: Nantes, France

Paper submission deadline: 10 April 2013

Registration deadline: 08 April 2013

Workshop Overview:

EARSeL's Special Interest Group on Imaging Spectroscopy is a forum whose aim is to encourage international discussions among specialists working with this innovative Earth Observation technology. The forum was founded by EARSeL at the University of Zurich in 1999, led by RSL, who conducted the first workshop. Since then, five more very successful workshops were held. The next workshop will take place in Nantes, France, from 08 to 10 April 2013.

The meeting will cover all themes related to imaging spectroscopy. As several spaceborne missions are scheduled for the near future, this workshop is particularly important and will provide a unique opportunity to discuss recent developments in imaging and related spectroscopic methods for environmental research, learn about recent developments in imaging science and thematic and environmental applications at ground, airborne and spaceborne levels, explore the integration of spatial and temporal coverage afforded by imaging instruments with the high spectral resolution data obtained for every pixel, discuss ground-based spectroscopic techniques, such as field spectroscopy and related hyperspectral sensing methods, learn and discuss how these methods can address key environmental issues and new areas of environmental science.

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European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2013

07 - 12 April 2013

Organisation: European Geosciences Union (EGU)

Location: Vienna, Austria

Early registration deadline: 13 March 2013

Conference Overview:

The EGU General Assembly 2013 will bring together geoscientists from all over the world into one meeting covering all disciplines of the Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences. Especially for young scientists, it is the aim of the EGU to provide a forum where they can present their work and discuss their ideas with experts in all fields of geosciences.

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3rd EOS Topical Meeting on Blue Photonics

18 - 20 March 2013

Organisation: Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ)

Location: Den Hoorn, Texel, the Netherlands

Advanced registration deadline: 15 February 2013

Conference Overview:

The 3rd EOS Topical Meeting on Blue Photonics® - Optics in the Sea (Blue Photonics 3), to be held at the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ), Texel, the Netherlands, will provide a major international forum for the discussion of marine optics and its applications. Its aims are to review recent progress in the field, to promote the formation of a community of scientists and engineers working in related areas, and to stimulate the interdisciplinary collaboration required to meet the rapidly developing challenges of the future.

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Atmospheric Composition Validation and Evolution Workshop (ACVE)

13 - 15 March 2013

Organisation: European Space Agency (ESA)

Location: Frascati, Italy

Abstract submission deadline: 30 November 2012

Workshop Overview:

The European Space Agency is organising a workshop on atmospheric chemistry and composition validation and product evolution.

Scientists and Cal/Val experts are provided with the opportunity to present latest results from their ongoing research, including the evolution of algorithms and new validation methods.

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CryoSat Third User Workshop

12 - 14 March 2013

Organisation: European Space Agency (ESA)

Location: Dresden, Germany

Registration deadline: 18 January 2013

Workshop Overview:

ESA's Earth Explorer CryoSat mission, whose rebuilt spacecraft, Cryosat-2, was launched on 8 April 2010, is dedicated to precise monitoring of the changes in the thickness of marine ice floating in the polar oceans and variations in the thickness of the ice sheets overlying Greenland and Antarctica, as well as continental glaciers. Following a successful commissioning phase and after nearly one and half years of operations, new and greatly improved CryoSat processors (i.e. baseline B) were installed in February 2012, followed by the start of the reprocessing campaign. This activity will be completed in spring 2013.

Since the start of operations, the mission has been providing systematic data to the scientific community supported by validation and calibration activities to ensure high data quality. The first results were presented at main international conferences, at which great interest from the marine and gravity scientific community was confirmed.

This workshop is intended to provide a forum to present and discuss all topics related to the exploitation of the CryoSat mission and to identity novel scientific challenges.

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17th ISU Annual International Symposium

05 - 07 March 2013

Space Technology and Tele-Reach: Benefiting Humanity on Earth and Beyond


Organisation: International Space University

Location: Strasbourg, France

Abstract submission deadline: 26th October 2012

Symposium Overview

Every year, the International Space University (ISU) organises a three day symposium addressing a topical-theme from an interdisciplinary perspective. The Symposia attracts an audience of around 200 members of the space sector from agencies, industries and academia worldwide.

In the seventeenth symposium, we will address Tele-reach (technologies and applications allowing remote presence), participation, interaction and control.

The emphasis will be placed on exploring the role that space can play in broadening and sustaining the 'reach' of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems to benefit humankind in areas such as education, healthcare and environmental management.

The program will include invited contributions from leading experts in the field plus presentations and posters selected on the basis of abstracts submitted in response to the attached Call for Papers by the deadline date of 26th October 2012.

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SMOS Land Applications Workshop

25 - 27 February 2013

Organisation: European Space Agency (ESA)

Location: Frascati, Italy

Registration deadline: 14 January 2013

Workshop Overview:

The SMOS land applications workshop will be held at ESA-ESRIN, Frascati, Italy, on 25-27 February 2013. Following regular meetings of the SMOS Validation & Retrieval Team and a very successful workshop in 2011 in Arles, two dedicated workshops for land and ocean applications will be held in 2013. This land workshop will focus on the latest developments for the Level 2 processor and the verification of the corresponding soil moisture and vegetation opacity products. In addition, the international science community will present and discuss novel data products and applications.

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