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Atmospheric Composition Validation and Evolution Workshop (ACVE)

13 - 15 March 2013

Organisation: European Space Agency (ESA)

Location: Frascati, Italy

Abstract submission deadline: 30 November 2012

Workshop Overview:

The European Space Agency is organising a workshop on atmospheric chemistry and composition validation and product evolution.

Scientists and Cal/Val experts are provided with the opportunity to present latest results from their ongoing research, including the evolution of algorithms and new validation methods.

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CryoSat Third User Workshop

12 - 14 March 2013

Organisation: European Space Agency (ESA)

Location: Dresden, Germany

Registration deadline: 18 January 2013

Workshop Overview:

ESA's Earth Explorer CryoSat mission, whose rebuilt spacecraft, Cryosat-2, was launched on 8 April 2010, is dedicated to precise monitoring of the changes in the thickness of marine ice floating in the polar oceans and variations in the thickness of the ice sheets overlying Greenland and Antarctica, as well as continental glaciers. Following a successful commissioning phase and after nearly one and half years of operations, new and greatly improved CryoSat processors (i.e. baseline B) were installed in February 2012, followed by the start of the reprocessing campaign. This activity will be completed in spring 2013.

Since the start of operations, the mission has been providing systematic data to the scientific community supported by validation and calibration activities to ensure high data quality. The first results were presented at main international conferences, at which great interest from the marine and gravity scientific community was confirmed.

This workshop is intended to provide a forum to present and discuss all topics related to the exploitation of the CryoSat mission and to identity novel scientific challenges.

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17th ISU Annual International Symposium

05 - 07 March 2013

Space Technology and Tele-Reach: Benefiting Humanity on Earth and Beyond


Organisation: International Space University

Location: Strasbourg, France

Abstract submission deadline: 26th October 2012

Symposium Overview

Every year, the International Space University (ISU) organises a three day symposium addressing a topical-theme from an interdisciplinary perspective. The Symposia attracts an audience of around 200 members of the space sector from agencies, industries and academia worldwide.

In the seventeenth symposium, we will address Tele-reach (technologies and applications allowing remote presence), participation, interaction and control.

The emphasis will be placed on exploring the role that space can play in broadening and sustaining the 'reach' of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems to benefit humankind in areas such as education, healthcare and environmental management.

The program will include invited contributions from leading experts in the field plus presentations and posters selected on the basis of abstracts submitted in response to the attached Call for Papers by the deadline date of 26th October 2012.

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SMOS Land Applications Workshop

25 - 27 February 2013

Organisation: European Space Agency (ESA)

Location: Frascati, Italy

Registration deadline: 14 January 2013

Workshop Overview:

The SMOS land applications workshop will be held at ESA-ESRIN, Frascati, Italy, on 25-27 February 2013. Following regular meetings of the SMOS Validation & Retrieval Team and a very successful workshop in 2011 in Arles, two dedicated workshops for land and ocean applications will be held in 2013. This land workshop will focus on the latest developments for the Level 2 processor and the verification of the corresponding soil moisture and vegetation opacity products. In addition, the international science community will present and discuss novel data products and applications.

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POLinSAR 2013

28 January - 01 February 2013

Organisation: European Space Agency (ESA)

Location: Frascati, Italy

Abstract submission deadline: 05 October 2012

Workshop Overview:

The European Space Agency is organising the 6th International Workshop on Science and Applications of SAR Polarimetry and Polarimetric Interferometry, POLinSAR 2013, which will be hosted in ESRIN, Frascati, Italy from 28 January to 01 February 2013. The Workshop is open to: ESA Principal Investigators, scientists and students working in the field of SAR Polarimetry and Polarimetric Interferometry, ESA/CSA SOAR EU PIs, users of data from future SAR missions like Sentinel-1, RADARSAT Constellation Mission (RCM), ALOS-2, and representatives from National, European and International space and value adding industry.

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Innovations in Remote Sensing

23 January 2013

Organisation: Centre for Earth Observation Instrumentation (CEOI)

Location: London, United Kingdom

Event Overview:

Remote sensing technologies - opportunities to innovate, license / collaborate / supply

Following on from two successful technology showcase events in 2008 and 2010, the Centre for Earth Observation Instrumentation (CEOI) will be hosting Innovation in Remote Sensing on Wednesday 23rd January 2013 in London. This one day event will provide a great opportunity to catch up with the latest Earth observation instrumentation technologies, as well as highlighting potential areas for licensing, collaboration or supply.

The event is open to all interested parties and aims to:

  • Highlight collaborative opportunities emanating from remote sensing technologies in space
  • Outline the particular needs in Earth Observation for spin-in technologies
  • Showcase a number of CEOI projects

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2nd Advanced Course on Radar Polarimetry

21 - 25 January 2013

Organisation: European Space Agency (ESA)

Location: Frascati, Italy

Abstract submission deadline: 05 October 2012

Course Overview:

The European Space Agency is organising the 2nd Advanced Course on Radar Polarimetry which will be held in ESA ESRIN, Frascati, Italy on 21-25 January 2013.

Post graduate, PhD students, post-doctoral research scientists and users from European countries and Canada interested in Radar Polarimetry and its applications are invited to attend a 5-day course on the subject.

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8th International Conference on Geo-information for Disaster Management

13 - 16 December 2012

Organisation: Gi4DM

Location: Enschede, the Netherlands

Conference Overview:

Gi4DM 2012 is initiated by the Public Safety Districts of the Netherlands. This conference is the place to exchange experiences, knowledge and ideas towards finding appropriate solutions to crisis response challenges. Researchers will be able to talk with officers to check and validate their direction of research. Technicians will be able to work with their prototype systems in real field tests. Vendors will be able to show products that can collaborate on interoperability. And officers will be able to see tests and demo's displaying the state-of-the art technologies.

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European Space Expo

01 June - 06 December 2012

Organisation: European Commission

Location: The Expo will take place at numerous locations throughout Europe between June and December.

Exposition Overview:

TThe European Commission has launched the European Space Expo to show how space and its applications provide benefits to Europe's citizens. The Expo will highlight the critical role of the European Union in space and space-based technologies.

Through the investment in the flagship programmes of Galileo, EGNOS and GMES, the citizens of Europe will benefit from the many services and applications, which are expected to create global market opportunities and help to support job creation and economic growth.

Presented for the first time, visitors to the Expo can see, touch and experience the wide range of innovative technologies and services that space offers them.

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8th Scientific Conference with International Participation - Space Ecology Safety - SES 2012

04 - 06 December 2012

Organisation: Bulgarian Academy of Sciences / Space Research and Technology Institute

Location: Sofia, Russian Culture and Information Centre

Brief overview

The 8th Scientific Conference with International Participation 'Space, Ecology, Safety' - SES 2012 is devoted to 40 years of Bulgaria in Space.

Research areas

The Conference focuses on various research areas:

  • Space Physics
  • Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics
  • Ecology and Risk Management
  • Small satellite - BalkanSat

Geographical areas

The Conference focuses on various geographical areas:

  • Danube Region
  • Europe
  • European Union (EU 27)
  • International; Other

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Workshop on European Satellite Snow Monitoring Perspectives

04 - 05 December 2012

Organisation: European Space Agency (ESA) / EUMETSAT

Location: Darmstadt, Germany

Workshop Overview:

Satellite based snow monitoring capabilities have been developed in Europe over the last decade in projects such as EUMETSAT's Hydrology SAF, ESA's GMES PolarView and DUE GlobSnow, and the EC's FP7 Cryoland. Each of these has worked closely with their user communities and performed the necessary R&D to successfully implement information services addressing a broad spectrum of user needs including flood forecasting, climate research, meteorology, hydrology, water management, public risk, tourism, etc.

The aim of this workshop is to bring the major European satellite snow monitoring initiatives together with their key users, to:

  • Review the current state of development of European snow monitoring capabilities
  • Identify gaps and opportunities in meeting the users' needs and securing sustainable funding for the services
  • Define priorities for developments over the next 5-10 years which build on European expertise and satellite infrastructure to achieve sustainable information services which maximize benefits to users
  • Understand how these activities fit within GMES and the EC priorities over the next decade

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19 - 23 November 2012

Organisation: SELPER

Location: Cayenne, French Guiana

Final deadline for papers: 08 October 2012

Symposium Overview:

SELPER invites remote sensing experts from Latin America to meet and discuss the role of earth observation in global environmental governance and the green economy at the SELPER 2012 symposium.

Earth observation plays a key role in redefining goals of an effective global governance of the environment by providing essential information on a fast changing world. The SELPER 2012 symposium objective is to highlight Latin American remote sensing work in the area of setting and monitoring new policy targets for global environmental governance, eradication of poverty, and the green economy. At a historical moment when global crises impact finance, food security, migration, energy, water, biodiversity, desertification, natural disasters, globalisation, health, climate, and poverty, Earth observation is playing an increasing role in delivering key information on the status and dynamics of the environment to scientists and policy makers.

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2nd FP7 Space Conference

15 - 16 November 2012

Organisation: European Commission

Location: Larnaca, Cyprus

Conference Overview:

This scientific conference will present the results of the FP7 Space Research Programme and also investigate future options for European research in the space field.

The 2-day event will gather around 300 participants - space experts, researchers and industry stakeholders, personalities from European and international space science and research organisations, coordinators and members of FP7 funded research projects, representatives of national space administrations and space agencies, as well as high level EC and ESA officials.

The conference aims at enhancing awareness of FP7 space results amongst policy makers, scientists and journalists and at strengthening international cooperation.

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Earth Observation and Cryosphere Science Conference

13 - 16 November 2012

Organisation: European Space Agency (ESA)

Location: Frascati, Italy

Conference Overview:

This conference aims to provide a forum for world-class scientists to present new research results and focus on and discuss future challenges on EO technology for cryosphere science.

The wide variety of satellite remote sensing techniques used in cryosphere research, and the increasing observational capacity provided by current and future optical, radar, laser altimetry, interferometry and gravimetry observations, provides a major opportunity to advance our knowledge about one of the most rapidly changing parts of the Earth's global climate system. The conference aims to review the latest developments in this critical scientific domain as well as defining the coming challenges in cryosphere science where EO could play a major role.

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High resolution satellite imagery

08 - 10 November 2012

Organisation: University of Bern

Location: Bern, Switzerland

Workshop Overview:

High resolution satellite imagery - the magnifying glass for science

The geometric resolution of Earth observation satellites has increased continuously over the last decades. Ikonos, launched in 1999, marks the date when high resolution satellite imagery became available worldwide. Since then the performance of satellites increased significantly and data have become readily available at affordable cost. Imagery from this new generation of satellites opened up new research perspectives for many fields in science and liberal arts.

The workshop on high resolution satellite imagery will serve as a platform to exchange experience and discuss best practice rules for utilisation of Earth observation satellites like GeoEye, WorldView-I and II, but also TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X to name the most prominent ones. The conference presents current work or work in progress that take advantage of the increase in spatial, spectral, radiometric and temporal resolution of high resolution satellites for Earth observation.

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