Minimize A trio of tropical cyclones

This composite image of Tropical Cyclones Nineteen, Nathan and Pam, was generated at 09:00 UTC on 11 March 2015.

The image is comprised of infrared data from the geostationary orbiting satellites of EUMETSAT and the JMA. Infrared data overlays a computer-generated model of the Earth, containing NASA's Blue Marble Next Generation imagery.

These storms are expected to potentially cause flash floods in the region.

Cyclone Nathan is currently just off the coast of Australia, and the storm is at Category Two. It is expected to come close to Queensland before turning away on 12 March.

Cyclone Pam is expected to develop into a much more powerful Category Four or Five storm, the highest on the Saffir-Simpson Scale. This storm is currently close to Vanuatu, but forecasters expect the worst of the cyclone's winds to be directed away from the archipelago. Nevertheless, the island nation is expecting powerful winds and rain as the storm passes.

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Credit: EUMETSAT 2015

Cyclones Nineteen, Nathan and Pam

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