Minimize Betsiboka River and Bombetoka Bay, Madagascar

Red silt from the Betsiboka River mixes with the blue-green water of the Indian Ocean in this view of Madagascar's Bombetoka Bay.

The red colour of the river is due to iron-rich soil eroded from the central highlands. The river and its floodplain is famous for this colouring, but it's an indication of just how much soil is being brought down from the highlands. This is being caused by logging and urban development over the last few decades and is greatly affecting the river. Larger vessels were once able to travel up the Betsiboka Estuary, but now due to the higher levels of sediment filling the bay, this is no longer possible.

This image was acquired by Planet Labs Flock 1 constellation on 01 December 2014.

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Credit: Image © 2014 Planet Labs Inc. - Additional editing and text by the eoPortal team

Betsiboka River and Bombetoka Bay

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