Minimize Flood map of Itaqui, Brazil

This map, produced using imagery from the Sentinel-1 satellite on 08 July 2014, shows flooding that has affected Itaqui, in Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil.

The Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul has been affected by flooding since 26 June 2014, which follows on from a previous period of flooding in southern Brazil earlier in month. This was caused by heavy rain over South America and the floods were reported to have affected over a hundred towns and cities in Brazil.

Itaqui is one such city, and the areas of flooding are highlighted in this map. The radar image shows water as black, and flood waters around the Uruguay River can be clearly seen in the image.

This map was produced for the International Charter: Space and Major Disasters, which was activated to provide imagery for disaster response to the floods in Brazil on 04 July.

View the full resolution map and other maps for this disaster.

Credit: Copernicus 2014 - Map produced by CENAD (Brazilian National Risk and Disaster Management Center)

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