Minimize Full-moon scene over the Alpine region and Italy

Rendered by the Day-Night Band (DNB at 750m spatial resolution) of VIIRS on-board Suomi-NPP the winter full moon is lighting the alpine region and parts of Italy in this image.

The image is slightly enhanced by a semi-transparent difference between VIIRS bands IR10.763 and IR3.7 (M15-M12 at 750m spatial resolution). In this composite light sources, high cloud and snow appear in white to grey shades, whereas low cloud or fog are vaguely yellow in colour. The full-resolution image reveals many details, of which only a couple are mentioned here.

Broken high cloud cover the northern parts of the Austrian Alps. To the west mottled greyish areas show broken snow cover, e.g. over Bavaria, the Black Forest and the Swiss Jura. Low cloud (yellow) lies over the Franche-Comté in the extreme west and the Ligurian coast in Italy. Tiny patches of valley fog (yellow), can be identified in several valley systems, in particular over Tuscany in Italy and the Swiss northern lowlands.

View the full resolution image.

Credit: EUMETSAT 2015

Alpine region and Italy

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