Minimize Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

The SPOT-4 satellite captured this view of the Galapagos Islands in February 1995.

On the right is the northern part of Isla Isabela, which is located directly on the Equator and is the largest of the islands in the Galapagos archipelago. On the left is Isla Fernandina, the westernmost of the Galapagos islands.

The Galapagos Islands sit on a volcanic hotspot, 900 km west of Ecuador, which has formed the islands over millions of years of volcanic eruptions. Fernandina and Isabela are the youngest islands in the group, and are still in the process of forming as recent eruptions continue to create more land mass.

The volcanoes on these islands can clearly be seen in this image, with their distinctive circular calderas in central positions on the islands. La Cumbre Volcano sits on Fernandina, while Isabela hosts six active volcanoes: Wolf, Darwin, Alcedo, and - not visible in this image - Ecuador, Cerro Azul, and Sierra Negra.

This image is one of a series taken by the SPOT satellites over thirty years of operation, and are available in an online gallery.

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Credit: CNES 1995 - Distribution: Airbus Defence and Space, all rights reserved

Galapagos Islands

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