Minimize Iguaçu River Dams, Brazil

This map, produced using imagery from the UK-DMC2 and Landsat-8 satellites shows how two dams on the Iguaçu River in Brazil were affected by flooding.

Brazil was one of several countries in South America which was affected by torrential rain in June 2014. This caused problems along rivers, including the Iguaçu, when the sheer amount of rain caused water levels to rise and spill over their banks. Due to the flooding, 40,000 people were evacuated in southern Brazil.

This map was produced for the International Charter: Space and Major Disasters, which was activated to provide imagery for disaster response on 14 June. The map, using pre- and post-disaster imagery, examines two dams along the Iguaçu River in the state of Paraná.

View the full resolution image and other maps for this disaster.

Credit: UK-DMC2 © 2014 Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL), DMC International Imaging (DMCii), Landsat 8 data and products © USGS (2014) - All rights reserved - Map produced by INPE

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