Minimize Kaliningrad Stadium, Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad Stadium is featured in this pair of images from NASA's Landsat-8 satellite, 09 June 2018, and Copernicus Sentinel-2 on 17 June 2018.

Opened on 12 May 2018, Kaliningrad Stadium is situated on Oktyabrsky Island, Kaliningrad, Russia, and will host four games of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. This brand new stadium is based on Bayern Munich's Allianz Arena, and boasts a capacity of 35,000.

The stadium is based in central Kaliningrad oblast, a Russian exclave situated on the Baltic Sea, which is sandwiched between Poland to the south and Lithuania to the north and east, some 1235 km from Moscow.

The Kaliningrad region is blessed with pristine beaches and sand dunes. It features the beautiful nature reserve of Kurshskaya Spit, which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000.

After the 2018 World Cup, FC Baltika Kaliningrad will play its home games here and a new residential development will be built around the stadium, with parks, quays and embankments alongside the Pregola river.

Kaliningrad Stadium
View the Sentinel-2 full resolution image.

Credit: Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data (2018), processed by ESA, - Additional editing and text by the eoPortal team.

Kaliningrad stadium
View the Landsat-8 full resolution image. 

Credit: NASA, using Landsat data from the United States Geological Survey

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