Minimize Lake Disappointment, Australia

This SPOT-4 image, acquired in March 2002, shows Lake Disappointment in the Pilbara region of Australia.

Disappointment is a salt lake which is normally dry except in periods of heavy rainfall or floods. It is situated in the Little Sandy Desert and as such is mostly surrounded by sand dunes.

The lake takes its unusual name from Frank Hann, the explorer who discovered it in the 1890s. Expecting to find a large fresh water lake in the arid landscape - after following creeks which led toward it - he found a dry salt lake instead and so gave it the name which reflected his reaction.

While it may have left the explorer underwhelmed, it presents us with a natural work of art when viewed from space like this.

This image is one of a series taken by the SPOT satellites over thirty years of operation, and are available in an online gallery.

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Credit: CNES 2002 - Distribution: Airbus Defence and Space, all rights reserved

Lake Disappointment

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