Minimize Lake St. Clair, U.S.A and Canada

Looking down on the planet from space, many astronauts find themselves struck by the Overview Effect - an all-encompassing state of awe and the resulting urge to protect our fragile planet.

When Chris Hadfield and other astronauts talk about seeing the planet from space, they also recall how there are no borders to be seen, reminding us that borders are human constructs.

So in the spirit of the holiday season, the hope for 'peace on Earth', and the Overview Effect, here's a closer look from Deimos-1 at the the beautiful, heart-shaped Lake St. Clair, which is divided by Ontario, Canada, to the south and Michigan, U.S.A., to the north.

No borders in sight.

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Credit: © 2017 UrtheCast Gallery

Lake St. Clair

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