Minimize Mariana mining disaster, Brazil

A mining disaster near Mariana in Brazil is pictured in this SPOT-6/7 image, acquired on 6 November 2015.

On 5 November, two dams at an iron ore mine in the Minas Gerais State burst, the cause of which remains unknown. The dams contained waste material from the mine, which flooded the nearby town of Bento Rodrigues with potentially toxic waste and mud.

The entire town, with a population of over 600 people, was forced to evacuate but not everyone was fortunate enough to escape in time. Six people died, and 21 are still missing as of 12 November.

The flood has spread into the neighbouring state of Espirito Santos and spilled into rivers, raising concerns over contamination to local water supplies of over half a million people.

In this SPOT image, captured a day after the dams burst, the red spillover can be seen pouring from the mine in the upper left of the image down to Bento Rodrigues in the lower right.

View the full resolution image.

Credit: Airbus Defence and Space 2015

Mariana mining disaster

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