Minimize Medicane Qendresa hits Malta and Sicily

A Medicane (MEDIterranean hurriCANE) or Tropical-Like Cyclone (TLC) brought severe weather to parts of the Mediterranean in early November 2014.

On 7 November the storm first hit Lampedusa on the island of Linosa, then Malta (at around 16.30 UTC) and then the eastern coast of Sicily before it disappeared to the east.

Gusts of 135 km/h were recorded at Lampedusa in Linosa and up to 154 km/h in Malta. Airport and ferry operations were suspended and many areas were left without power, as the storm caused damage across the three countries.

The system can be clearly seen in this Suomi-NPP Day-Night-Band image (750 m resolution) in B/W with yellow hues of IR11.45 (band I5 at 375 m resolution) from cold-white to warm-yellowish - high cloud appears white, lower cloud and artificial light is yellowish. The scene is well lit by the full moon. The image was acquired at 01:43 UTC on 8 November.

Earlier in the week the heavy rains from the deep trough, at the origin of the cut-off, had caused Lago Maggiore in the Alps to overflow.

View the full resolution image, and other views of the storm.

Credit: EUMETSAT 2014

Medicane Qendresa

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