Minimize Merida, Spain

This true-colour image of Merida was taken by Sentinel-2A on 11 August 2015. Home to some 60,000 people, Merida is the capital of the autonomous community of Extremadura, in western Spain.

Owing to the satellite's high-resolution multispectral instrument, the colour distinction of this arid area is obvious. The greys are the small towns of Montijo and Santa Amalia, on either side of Merida, while the scattered greens are fields of different crops and plants, crisscrossed with canals.

The brown and reddish are the typical colours of fields without vegetation, which was the case when the image was captured in August.

The Guadiana River is also visible, crossing through the centre of the image, along with various smaller bodies of water, all fundamental for irrigating the many fields in such a dry area.

View the full resolution image.

Credit: Copernicus Sentinel data (2015)/ ESA 2015

Brussels, Belgium

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