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This Flock 1 image, acquired on 2 June 2016, shows the enormous Nazca Lines etched into the arid coastal desert in southern Peru.

The Nazca Lines are man-made lines and figures in the desert, which are estimated to be between 1500 and 2500 years old. The hundreds of figures vary in form, some of them are simple lines as featured in this image, while others form the shape of animals, people and other life.

These lines were created by digging shallow trenches in the desert, and removing the red-brown pebbles that coat the Nazca Desert. This made the clear white clay underneath stand out in stark contrast against the ground around the lines. Due to the desert's remote location and arid and windless climate - the Nazca Desert is one of the driest places on Earth - the lines have remarkably been mostly undisturbed in the centuries following their creation.

The purpose behind the formation of the lines and figures is unknown, leaving scholars with many theories, ranging from astronomical to religious.

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Credit: Planet Labs Inc. 2016 - Additional editing and text by the eoPortal team

Nazca Lines

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