Minimize Oura-wan Bay, Japan

This ALOS image shows Oura-wan Bay, Okinawa – and was captured in December 2007.

We can see the eastern coast of Nago, Okinawa's main island and the fully diverse environment. From open sea, coral reefs, underwater forests and seaweed varieties, up to the inner section of the V-shaped Oura-wan Bay. The bay is home to mangrove forests and mud flats that run along the mouths of the Oura and Teima rivers.

In an environment with such varied and unique ecosystems, this rich biodiversity was created because of a blue coral community. Oura-wan Bay is considered an area in which rich biodiversity maintenance can be achieved because of its unique surrounding geography and natural resources.

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Credit: JAXA - Additional editing by the eoPortal team.

Oura-wan bay

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