Minimize Pavlof Volcano

This MetOp-A image, acquired at 20:34 UTC on 02 June 2014, shows an ash plume from the Pavlof Volcano.

This active volcano is located on the Alaskan Peninsula in the United States of America. In May 2014 it began its latest period of activity and the eruptions have grown more intense in early June. This resulted in a red alert being issued on 02 June by the Alaska Volcano Observatory, as the increased activity suggests the risk of more powerful eruptions. They forecast that the volcano could potentially be erupting for months. Seismologists will be continuing to monitor the volcano for any further signs of increased activity.

While the eruptions currently pose no threat to human life, the ash and smoke pouring forth from the volcano has posed a hazard to aircraft, and some flights in the area have been cancelled or diverted in the wake of the most recent eruption.

The volcano is located near the centre of this image, where a portion of the peninsula is visible through a break in the clouds.

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Credit: EUMETSAT 2014

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