Minimize Perm Territory, Russia

This UK-DMC2 image, acquired 19 February 2013, shows the Perm Territory of Russia.

The city of Perm can be seen in the right part of the image, stretching along the Kama River for over 80 km. The city was founded in 1723. Currently about 1 million people live in it. The city has streets with unusual names: Vodolaznaya (diver's street), Patefonnaya (gramophone street), Pryamolineinaya (straightforward street), Kosmicheskaya (space street), Novogodnyaya (New Year street), Tsvetnaya (Color street) and many more.

Kama water reservoir is located in the upper right corner of the image, built on the Kama River as a result of the Kama hydraulic power plant construction. The towns of Chermoz and Dobryanka are located on the bank of the Kama water reservoir.

Votkinskoye water reservoir can be seen in the lower left corner of the image, in which 57 small rivers fall in. The town of Osa is located on the left bank of the reservoir.

The town of Okhansk is located in the centre of the image on the bank of the Kama River. During the day of August 30, 1887 a stone meteorite-chondrite fell in this area in form of a meteorite rain, named Okhansky as a result.

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Credit: DMCii, ScanEx RDC 2013

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