Minimize Portage la Prairie, Canada

In this image of Portage la Prairie in the Central Plains Region of Manitoba, Canada, you can see snow covered fields and creeks. The buildings and other features leave streaks in the snow from the prevailing southeast wind.

Portage la Prairie is located on the Assiniboine River, which winds through the centre of this image from top to bottom. Also visibible nearby, is the Crescent Lake, which was once part of the river and formed an island in between. The town is located on the north bank of the Crescent Lake which, due to the alignment of this image, is just to the right of the lake.

This image was acquired by Planet Labs' new Flock 1 constellation of nanosatellites.

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Credit: Image © 2014 Planet Labs Inc. - Additional editing and text by the eoPortal team

Portage la Prairie

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