Minimize Rufiji River, Tanzania

This image from the Flock 1 constellation, acquired 10 December 2014, shows part of the Rufiji River, in Tanzania.

Pictured here is a distributary (a branch of a river that carries water away from the main flow) of the Rufiji. Distributaries are common near deltas, where there is little gradient to guide a river's path.

The Rufiji River begins and ends in southwest Tanzania, and traverses a mostly north-east route through the country before emerging on the coast of the Indian Ocean. The river is measured at approximately 600 kilometres in length.

The delta, pictured in this image, is the home of the largest mangrove forest in east Africa. Mangrove trees thrive in climates such as this, with high levels of water salinity thanks to their proximity to, and interaction with, sea water.

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Credit: Image © 2014 Planet Labs Inc. - Additional editing and text by the eoPortal team

Rufiji River

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