Minimize Ubatumirim Beach, Brazil

This Flock 1 image, acquired on 2 April 2015, shows Ubatumirim Beach, in Brazil.

Copacabana may be famous, but the beaches that line Brazil's Atlantic coast between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are equally beautiful, and far less crowded. Ubatumirim Beach, located in a cove 110 miles (180 kilometres) east of Rio, features calm water, hard-packed sand, and a handful of seaside campgrounds.

In the centre of the beach, we can see the River Ubatumirim spilling into the Atlantic. Another, smaller, river is visible on the left side of the image, the Quiririm.

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Credit: Image © 2015 Planet Labs Inc. - Additional editing and text by the eoPortal team

Ubatumirim Beach

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