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This Flock-1 image, acquired on 19 July 2016, shows the Valle de la Luna in Argentina.

In the high desert just east of Atcama, the floor of the arid Valle de la Luna (or Valley of the moon) regional park is covered in salt deposits. The park's large rock formations, popular with mountaineers and palaeontologists, were carved by wind over millennia.

The Valley of the moon contains some of the oldest discovered dinosaur bones, from the Late Triassic period, meaning the fossils are between 231 – 225 million years old.

The snow-like whiteness of the salt contrasts the deep reds of the established rock formations, revealing the great detail Flock-1 captured as it orbit overhead.

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Credit: Image © 2016 Planet Labs Inc - Additional editing and text by the eoPortal team.

Valle de la Luna

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