Minimize Angara and Yenisei Rivers, Russia

This SPOT-5 image, acquired 12 February 2013, shows the convergence of the Angara and Yenisei Rivers in Russia.

Motyginsky District of Krasnoyarsk Territory is visible in the upper part of the image, and Kazachinsky District is in the lower part.

The village Strelka can be seen in the left part of the image - a large terminal, located at the Angara River inflow to Yenisei. Strelka village is part of the Lesosibirsk urban district of Yenisei District of Krasnodar Territory.

Yenisei River separates Western and Eastern Siberia and falls into the Kara Sea. Angara is the largest Yenisei inflow and the only river, running out of Lake Baikal.

View the full resolution image.

Credit: Spot Image, ScanEx RDC 2013

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