Minimize Earth Observation (EO) Operations Engineer

Date added: 8 March 2019

Organisation: EODC

Location: Vienna, Austria


EODC specialises in the field of Earth Observation and is looking to strengthen its IT Operations Team. The succcessful candidate will be operating a cloud computing infrastructure and a multi-petabyte high-speed storage system, connected to Austria's most powerful computer, the VSC-3 (Vienna Scientific Cluster). 

About you

  • Completed education in geodesy, geoinformation sciences, informatics, physical geography, mathematics, or similar.
  • Knowledge of key principles of satellite remote sensing, image processing, spectral analysis, photogrammetry and image understanding.
  • Very strong experience with scripting languages such as Bash and Python.
  • Expierence with Linux environments, distributed computing and database systems.
  • Basic understanding of programming languages such as C, C++, Java and Fortran.

What we like

  • Fresh ideas, insights and solution-oriented response to challenges.
  • Open source-software. An ability to explain concepts at varying levels of technical understanding.
  • A passion for technology across the board. Independent, responsible, and flexible work organisation.
  • Exchange, communication and support within the team.

Join an open-minded team and realise your fresh ideas using cutting edge technology stacks.

Download the job description to learn more about the opportunity and how to apply.

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