Minimize Project Manager for Future Copernicus Sentinel Missions

Date added: 27 February 2018

Organisation: EUMETSAT

Location: Darmstadt, Germany

Application deadline: 07 May 2018


The main duties will be as follows:

  • Establish and lead a cross-departmental project team in charge of preparing EUMETSAT's contributions to the Copernicus CO2 monitoring mission in cooperation with ESA;
  • Contribute, in cooperation with ESA, to the definition and assessment of requirements for Copernicus CO2 monitoring at mission, system and ground segment levels and the definition of interface requirements etc.);
  • For the sake of efficiency, ensure that the system design and implementation take advantage of infrastructure, ground systems, and knowledge available at EUMETSAT;
  • Manage the contribution of the EUMETSAT project to the CO2 monitoring mission phase A/B1 studies:
    • Manage project interfaces and cooperation with ESA;
    • Establish project breakdown structures and plans for EUMETSAT's contribution;
    • Plan, prepare and implement EUMETSAT procurements (studies, engineering support, pre-development etc.) or support ESA procurements of relevance to EUMETSAT;
    • Develop and maintain a schedule of EUMETSAT activities;
    • Supervise all project activities and track progress based on indicators;
    • Establish and maintain a risk register for EUMETSAT activities and plan mitigation actions.
  • Manage the preparations for EUMETSAT's contributions to phase B2/C/D/E1;
    • Establish project breakdown structures, management and lower level plans for phase B2/C/D/E1;
    • Assess and plan internal and external resources required for EUMETSAT's contribution;
    • Estimate cost at completion including the routine operations phases;
    • Prepare proposals to the EUMETSAT Council for the contributions of EUMETSAT to future Copernicus missions in cooperation with ESA;
    • Plan, prepare and implement EUMETSAT procurements and support to ESA procurements of relevance to EUMETSAT's contribution;
    • Establish cross departmental project team.
  • Manage EUMETSAT's contributions to phase B2 of the CO2 monitoring mission;
  • Supervise the definition of EUMETSAT's contributions to the design of processing systems for the extraction of global ocean and atmospheric products from relevant Sentinel missions under phase A/B1 study by ESA;
  • Support interactions with the European Commission in relation to above-mentioned activities;
  • Provide reporting to EUMETSAT Senior Management and Delegate Bodies.

Qualifications, skills and experience

  • University degree in Engineering or equivalent.
  • Proven experience in the development of satellite systems (space and ground segment), preferably Earth Observation systems, including successful experience in project and/or programme management;
  • Proven ability to plan and manage complex development projects;
  • Strong interpersonal, influencing and communications skills combined with people management experience.

To learn more about the role and how to apply download the job description for vacancy EUM/VN (18)20. Alternatively, visit the EUMETSAT Online Application Portal.

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