Minimize Young Graduate Trainee for Satellite Systems Engineering

Date added: 04 December 2017

Organisation: European Space Agency (ESA)

Location: Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Closing date for applications: 17 December 2017

Our team and mission

The Young Graduate Trainee for Satellite Systems Engineering (4126) will be part of the ESA Education Office.

The ESA Education Office has the objective to use space as a theme to enhance the literacy of young people in science and technology and to motivate young students from ESA Member States to prepare to pursue a space related career.

In support of achieving its educational objectives, the Office offers, in the frame of the ESA Academy:

  • A number of opportunities for students to gain hands-on involvement in space-related projects, including satellite projects, and experiments to be conducted on dedicated platforms reproducing special environmental conditions (such as sounding rockets, stratospheric balloons, drop tower facility, hyper-gravity centrifuge, and parabolic flights). These activities enable a transfer of knowledge, offer an insight into professional processes and promote the development of relevant scientific and technical skills and competences.
  • A portfolio of training sessions, in all areas of ESA's expertise, delivered at the ESA Academy's Training and Learning Centre, to complement what university students are learning at university and to better prepare them for a space-related career.

The Office works in close cooperation with ESA specialists from different directorates, industry experts, university institutions and other research organisations.

Information on the activities of the ESA Education Office can be found at

Interested candidates are encouraged to visit the ESA website:

Field(s) of activities

The ESA Education Office has a long history of conducting educational satellite programmes. The satellite projects in which the Office is currently involved are the European Student Earth Orbiter (ESEO), and the Fly Your Satellite! (FYS) programme for CubeSats built by university student teams.

The educational satellite projects provide opportunities for university students to gain valuable hands-on experience in the design, development, build, testing and operation of a complete satellite.

The Young Graduate Trainee (YGT) will be involved in the Education Office activities related to university student satellite projects. In particular, under the supervision of the ESA Project Manager, he/she will:

  • Support the project planning and progress tracking.
  • Contribute to the preparation of ESA management and technical documentation for project reviews, for ESA internal and for outreach purposes.
  • Participate in system engineering activities by performing requirements management, system modelling and analysis, budgets maintenance and review of project technical documentation.
  • Support the coordination of programme workshops and training activities.
  • Support the coordination of all project activities, which may include project reviews, concurrent engineering studies, verification/test campaigns, launch campaign preparations, launch and mission operations.
  • Interface with ESA technical and quality experts, in order to assist in the identification and resolution of critical technical issues.
  • Provide support to the coordination of the educational satellite contractor and/or of the student teams.

The YGT may also contribute to other student activities and projects of the Education Office, as required.

Information on the current ESA programmes for educational satellites, as well as on the other activities of the ESA Education Office, can be found on

Technical competencies

  • Knowledge of relevant technical domains
  • Relevant experience gained during internships/project work
  • Breadth of exposure coming from past and/or current research/activities
  • Knowledge of ESA and its programmes/projects


Applicants should have just completed, or be in their final year of a university course at Masters Level (or equivalent) in a technical or scientific discipline, preferably with a strong background in engineering or space technology, with a good general understanding of satellite systems engineering aspects.

Additional requirements

The working languages of the Agency are English and French. A good knowledge of one of these is required. Knowledge of another Member State language would be an asset.

In addition, applicants should demonstrate good interpersonal skills and the capacity to work both independently and as part of a team.

During the interview the candidates' motivation and overall professional perspective/career goals will also be explored.

Learn more about the role and how to apply.

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