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2017 extends exceptionally warm period, first complete datasets show

04 January 2018

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The first complete temperature datasets for 2017 show that last year was the third in a row of exceptionally warm years, the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) implemented by the European Weather Centre (ECMWF) can announce.

One dataset, produced by ECMWF, shows that the global average surface air temperature exceeded 14.7°C, making 2017:

  • about 0.1°C cooler than the warmest year on record, 2016, and warmer than the previous second warmest year, 2015
  • the warmest year on record not influenced by warming El Niño conditions in the tropical Pacific
  • around 0.5°C warmer than the 1981–2010 climatological reference period
  • an estimated 1.2°C warmer than the pre-industrial value for the 18th century.

Source: European Weather Centre (ECMWF)

Image credit: ECMWF

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