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Access Planet imagery for natural disaster response

29 November 2016

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In the hours, days and weeks following a natural disaster, critical questions loom: How extensive is the damage? Where are people and infrastructure most affected? Where should scarce response resources be deployed to save lives, reduce suffering and protect property?

By providing perspective and context, Planet's satellite imagery can play a vital role in answering these questions, and improving the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of disaster response.

Today, Planet already tracks several disaster events every week around the world, and regularly provides imagery to national governments, NGOs and other humanitarian response organizations. In partnership with both the German government (DLR/ZKI), and the US Geological Survey, we support International Charter for Space and Major Disasters, which distributes imagery to speed disaster response and recovery to responding organizations.

Source: Planet

Image credit: ©2016 Planet Labs, Inc. cc-by-sa 4.0.