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CleanSat: New satellite technologies for cleaner low orbits

12 January 2015

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What goes up must go down. When it comes to satellites, this dictum has become a statutory requirement. Otherwise, key low orbits may well become unusable as they fill with debris.

In March, European satellite manufacturers will come together to discuss redesigning low-orbit missions to meet anti-debris regulations.

Prompted by ESA's Clean Space initiative, devoted to safeguarding the terrestrial and space environments, they will consider new technologies devoted to cutting down on derelict satellites being abandoned, reducing the risk of orbital collisions from increasing debris while also reducing the threat posed by reentering satellites.

"This workshop is an essential step for involving the whole European space sector in shaping the way forward for low-orbiting satellites," explained ESA organiser Jessica Delaval.

Source: European Space Agency (ESA)

Image credit: ESA - Artist's concept of orbital debris