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Complete Envisat MERIS FRS L1/L2 dataset available online

13 February 2015

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The systematic bulk processing of the MERIS Level 2 Full Resolution Full Swath dataset has been completed, and the FRS Level 2 products (MER_FRS_2P) have been made available to users on the ESA centralised dissemination server together with the previously released MERIS FRS Level 1 data (MER_FRS_1P).

The dataset now comprises the complete MERIS FRS Level 1 and Level 2 data archive from the Envisat mission spanning from 17 May 2002 to 08 April 2012. MERIS FRS density maps are available providing an overview of the data coverage.

With the delivery of this additional dataset, ESA is at present offering free access to nearly 340TB of Envisat MERIS Full and Reduced Resolution data for direct download online.

Source: Earth Online

Image credit: ESA - Artist's concept of Envisat

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