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Copernicus Research and User Support (RUS) celebrates its first anniversary

31 August 2018

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The Copernicus Research and User Support (RUS) is a free-of-charge service funded by the European Commission. It offers a scalable cloud environment that enables users to remotely store and process Earth Observation (EO) data. This vast amount of free and open-source global data from Copernicus (which is produced at a rate of around 20 TB of data per day) comes from satellites, in addition to ground-based, airborne and seaborne measurement systems. To unleash the benefits of this data, the RUS Service also provides training sessions and webinars, as well as a helpdesk and a team of EO and IT experts who address user queries.

The Copernicus RUS service will celebrate its first year of operations in October and has already benefited more than 600 users worldwide. Offered at no cost, the service is available for a large community of users coming from academic and public institutions, small and medium enterprises, start-ups, and NGOs. They can use the service to develop and strengthen their skills on a variety of datasets, tools and applications, autonomously or with the support of the helpdesk and its team of experts. Communication tools with RUS experts include email, a chat service, a discussion forum as well as face-to-face training sessions and regular webinars – in short, everything needed to successfully support user activities.

Source: Copernicus

Image credit: Copernicus - Home page of the Copernicus RUS Service web portal, a service for Sentinel users.

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