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Real-time visibility into land changes key to ending deforestation

27 May 2019

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With technological advances in Earth observation, we may be only a few years away from screening commodity index funds for environmental risks the same way we account for other financially material risks in public equities today.

The expansion of agricultural commodities production — especially in the tropical context — now contributes to the loss of an area of forest the size of 48 football fields every minute. In addition to creating the second-largest source of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, this is utterly unsustainable for producers and buyers that want to ensure long-term price and supply stability in commodities markets. Understanding and managing land use and land conversion in global supply chains, in a spatially explicit way, is therefore increasingly critical for sustainable agribusiness sourcing and operations.

Source: Sustainable Brands

Image credit: Planet - Planet's new technologies image the full Earth in relative high-resolution daily.