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Copernicus Emergency Management Service monitors mudflow in Uganda

23 October 2018

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On 11 October, sustained heavy rains in the area of Bududa in eastern Uganda, caused a massive landslide. Boulders and chunks of mud came rolling down the foothills, hitting three villages downhill and causing at least 43 casualties.

The Copernicus EMS was activated to provide pre-disaster reference maps, delineation maps showing the extent of the mudflow and reference maps assessing the magnitude of damage over two Areas of Interest (AoIs) in Kufu. The delineation maps show 16.7 ha (0.16 km2) of the area covered my mudflow and grading maps show 44 residential buildings affected by the disaster. The response to this activation was coordinated in collaboration with the Disaster Charter.

Source: Copernicus

Image credit: Copernicus EMS - Map of Uganda.

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