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DigitalGlobe launches super-sharp WorldView-3 Earth imager

13 August 2014

The most powerful commercial imaging satellite ever built has gone into orbit from California, US. DigitalGlobe's WorldView-3 spacecraft will return pictures of the Earth's surface down to a resolution of 31cm.

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Mezaira'a, United Arab Emirates

Mezaira'a, an area of habitation in the centre of the Liwa Oasis, can be seen in this Proba-1 image, acquired by the CHRIS instrument on 30 July 2014.

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Rainfall research satellite begins descent from orbit

15 August 2014

A long-lived satellite launched in 1997 to measure rainfall in the tropics has run out of fuel and will probably fall back to Earth within the next three years, NASA officials have stated.

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Watching the winds where the sea meets sky

13 August 2014

The ocean covers 71 percent of Earth's surface and affects weather over the entire globe. Hurricanes and storms that begin far out over the ocean affect people on land and interfere with shipping at sea. And the ocean stores carbon and heat, which are transported from the ocean to the air and back, allowing for photosynthesis and affecting Earth's climate.

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Why do La Nina events linger?

12 August 2014

For millions of people, the onset of El Niño or La Niña in northern autumn indicates whether they're likely to face unusually warm, cold, wet, or dry conditions over the coming winter. A new modelling study pins down the process that apparently determines why La Niña events often last twice as long as typical El Niño events-a result with major implications for seasonal predictions extending more than a year out.

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Aerojet Rocketdyne exec says SmallSats likely to be first adopters of green fuel

15 August 2014

Aerojet Rocketdyne anticipates the first users of the "green fuel" hydrazine alternative AF-M315E will be SmallSat manufacturers. The company recently completed testing a 1-newton engine designed for attitude control at the company's new green propulsion test facility. Findings from these tests have expanded the number of missions for which the fuel is well suited.

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2014 ForestSAT Conference

04 - 07 November 2014

Location: Riva del Garda (TN), Italy

Conference Overview:

ForestSAT 2014 is the 6th international conference in a series focusing on the applications of forest geomatics, previous conferences have taken place in Scotland, Sweden, France, Spain and USA.

ForestSAT 2014 conference is aimed at promoting the integration of Earth observation with other geo-spatial applications and traditional forest sciences. The conference covers all possible scientifically-based developments and applications of remote sensing and GIS tools for monitoring, mapping or modelling forest systems. Aiding a better understanding of their functioning, and supporting their inventory and sustainable management.

The themes of this workshop will comprise: Forest mapping and inventory, Development of methods, Proximal sensing, Forest management/policy and Education.

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