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NASA's new wind mission installed, gathers first data

06 October 2014

NASA's newest Earth observing mission, the International Space Station-Rapid Scatterometer, or ISS-RapidScat, is collecting its first science data on ocean wind speeds and direction following its successful installation and activation on the exterior of the station's Columbus module.

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Eruption of Mount Ontake, Japan

Volcanic activity at Mount Ontake, in Japan, is pictured in this Pleiades image, acquired 30 September 2014.

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H-2A rocket boosts Japanese weather satellite into orbit

07 October 2014

Japan launched a next-generation geostationary weather satellite Tuesday on the 25th flight of the country's H-2A rocket, deploying an upgraded meteorological observatory critical to the minute-by-minute tracking of tropical cyclones and other storm systems across the Asia-Pacific.

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World's first space detective agency launched

08 October 2014

In the middle of a boundary squabble with your neighbour? Want to find out who is dumping waste near your house? You need to call the space detectives.

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EIAST joins global Earth Observation alliance

03 October 2014

The Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology (EIAST) has joined the first global alliance of Earth observation satellites operators, PanGeo.

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Dragon receives high award in China

09 October 2014

Following a decade of cooperation, China has honoured ESA's Yves-Louis Desnos with the People's Republic of China Friendship Award - the country's highest honour for foreign experts who have contributed to China's economic and social progress.

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2015 NOAA Satellite Conference

27 April - 01 May 2015

Organisation: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Location: Greenbelt, Maryland, United States of America

Conference Overview:

The spotlight theme of the 2015 NOAA Satellite Conference is "Preparing for the Future of Environmental Satellites." The conference offers an extension of the inaugural 2013 conference that merged past Satellite Direct Readout and GOES Users' Conferences along with POES, Suomi NPP, JPSS customers and users into one event. This gathering will include government, public, private, and academic attendees, along with national and international associates.

The conference will bring together users and providers of polar-orbiting and geostationary satellite data, products, and applications, from the public, private, and academic sectors. Participation is expected from 40 countries and will include members of NOAA, NASA, Department of Defense, Environment Canada, EUMETSAT, and the Hydrometeorological Services of countries in North, Central and South America; the Caribbean, and Asia. NSC 2015 will provide a venue and opportunity for greater collaboration between environmental satellite users.

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