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Satellites assist in management of Ebola crisis

06 November 2014

The International Charter was activated last Month (October 2014) to assist in the management of the Ebola crisis in West Africa.

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Dead Sea, Middle East

This image from the Landsat-8 satellite brings us over part of the Middle East, with the Jordan Rift Valley running north to south.

The most prominent feature in this image is the Dead Sea: the lowest point on Earth's surface, more than 420 m below sea level. The extremely high salinity means fish cannot live in this water body, although there are bacteria and fungi.

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Japanese satellites launched on Soviet-era missile

06 November 2014

A decommissioned Soviet-era ballistic missile - adapted for space launches instead of nuclear war - rocketed out of an underground silo and sent five Japanese Earth observing satellites into orbit Thursday.

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Improving maritime security off east African coasts

07 November 2014

New software developed by the JRC is being tested in two maritime operational centres in Kenya and the Seychelles to help fight piracy and improve maritime security.

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DLR and ESA sign the Collaborative Ground Segment Cooperation for Sentinel data

10 November 2014

With the first Copernicus satellite now operational, ESA and the DLR German Aerospace Center have signed an arrangement on managing and accessing Sentinel data.

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CanX-4 and 5 formation flying mission accomplished

05 November 2014

Only four months following launch, the CanX-4 and CanX-5 dual satellite formation flying mission has been accomplished ahead of schedule.

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2nd COSPAR Symposium

09 - 13 November 2015

Contact: COSPAR Secretariat c/o CNES -

Organisation: Committee on Space Research (COSPAR)

Location: Foz do IguaƧu, Brazil

Symposium Overview:

COSPAR has initiated a new series of scientific meetings, the Symposia, aimed at promoting space research at a regional level and to be organised in countries with medium or small size space infrastructures. The theme of the 2nd Symposium will be "Water and Life in the Universe". It will feature plenary lectures as well as parallel sessions and poster sessions.

Topics include:

  • Water and life in the universe and on Earth: impact on human consciousness and societies
  • Satellite and probe missions for water remote sensing on Earth, planets, and other celestial bodies
  • Water and Life in the Solar System
  • Water from chemical, biological, and physical perspectives
  • Role of water from the ground to the upper atmosphere

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