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DigitalGlobe opens access to satellite data to support disaster response efforts in Nepal

26 April 2015

In response to the devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck central Nepal on 25 April, DigitalGlobe has made high resolution satellite imagery of the affected areas freely available online to all groups involved in the response and recovery effort.

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Calbuco Volcano erupts

This Terra image, acquired on 23 April 2015, shows the ash plume from Calbuco Volcano, in Chile, the day after an eruption. Thousands of people were evacuated when the volcano erupted, but no casualties occurred.

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Preparing to launch colour vision satellite

23 April 2015

The latest satellite for the European Commission's environmental Copernicus programme has arrived safe and sound in French Guiana for launch on 12 June. Carrying a multispectral imager, Sentinel-2A is set to give us a new perspective of our land and vegetation.

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Perseverance paves way for wind laser

22 April 2015

Developing new satellite instruments is always challenging, but at times more head-scratching is needed to create something truly cutting-edge. ESA's Aeolus mission may have caused a few headaches along the way, but its wind lasers are now ready and the task of putting the rest of the instrument together can begin so that it can be ready for launch in 2016.

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Warm conditions continue into 2015

20 April 2015

Global temperatures continued to be high in the first quarter of this year after 2014 was one of the warmest years on record. ECMWF data for January to March 2015 show anomalously warm conditions over much of Europe, Asia, the eastern North Pacific, western North America and the Arctic Ocean.

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GLOBE Program marks 20 years of global Earth science education

20 April 2015

On Earth Day, 22 April, NASA and the National Science Foundation (NSF) celebrate 20 years of international cooperation and collaboration to engage students, scientists, and teachers in 114 countries in the scientific exploration of Earth's environments and climate.

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Mapping Urban Areas from Space Conference

04 - 05 November 2015

Organisation: European Space Agency (ESA)

Location: Frascati, Italy

Conference Overview:

The purpose of this conference is to provide scientists and data users with the opportunity to present first-hand and up-to-date results from their on-going research and application development activities by using data from past and current satellites.

The outcome of this conference will help to further shape the next generation of R&D activities in the frame of ESA's Earth Observation Programmes.

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