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Chasing ice

21 August 2015

Satellite images show that the fastest moving glacier in the world shed a chunk of ice measuring around 12.5 sq km recently - one of the most significant calving events on record.

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Las Vegas sprawl

This Flock-1 image, acquired on 16 August 2015, shows part of Las Vegas in the United States of America.

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NASA begins to build satellite mission to improve hurricane forecasting

19 August 2015

Ten years after Hurricane Katrina formed in the Atlantic, construction of NASA's next-generation hurricane-observing satellite mission now is underway in Texas.

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China to launch Jilin-1 satellite in October

15 August 2015

Northeast China's Jilin Province plans to send Jilin-1, the country's first self-developed remote sensing satellite for commercial use, into space in October.

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Europe hit by one of the worst droughts since 2003

20 August 2015

Much of the European continent has been affected by severe drought in June and July 2015, one of the worst since the drought and heat wave of summer of 2003, according to the latest report by the JRC's European Drought Observatory (EDO).

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H-2B rocket launch sends supply shipment to space station

19 August 2015

A cache of critical cargo stowed inside a solar-powered Japanese resupply freighter is speeding toward a rendezvous with the International Space Station after a successful launch Wednesday.

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2016 Conference on Big Data from Space

15 - 17 March 2016

Organisations: European Space Agency (ESA) / SatCen / JRC / IAC / PCTT

Location: Auditorio de Tenerife, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Conference overview:

The objective of this conference is to bring together researchers, engineers and users working in the area of Big Data from Space.

The main objectives of the conference are:

  • Identify priorities for research, technology development and innovation;
  • Widen competences and expertise of universities, research institutes, labs, SMEs and industrial actors;
  • Foster networking of experts and users towards better access and sharing of data, tools and resources;
  • Leverage innovation, spin-in and spin-off of technologies, and business development arising from research and industry progress;
  • Increase and promote the value stemming from the huge quantity of data made available nowadays (and in the future);
  • Contribute to the EO innovation for Europe, as one of the main pillars for the Ground Segment evolution strategy.

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