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GOES-R heads to orbit, will improve weather forecasting

19 November 2016

GOES-R, the first of NOAA's highly advanced geostationary weather satellites, lifted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on 19 November at 6:42 p.m.. The satellite will boost the nation's weather observation network and NOAA's prediction capabilities, leading to more accurate and timely forecasts, watches and warnings.

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Gibson Desert

The Sentinel-2A satellite takes us over the Gibson Desert in Western Australia in this false-colour image.

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First GRACE Follow-On satellite completes construction

14 November 2016

Construction is now complete on the first of the two satellites for NASA's Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment Follow-On (GRACE-FO) mission, planned for launch in the December 2017/January 2018 timeframe.

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New map offers precise snapshot of human life on Earth

18 November 2016

A landmark global map showing nearly every human settlement on Earth is now available to researchers. Compared to previous mapping efforts, the satellite-based ‘Global Urban Footprint' dataset shows not just urban centres, but also tiny rural hamlets.

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Space agencies combine efforts for space hydrology

11 November 2016

Heads of space agencies are meeting in Marrakesh, Morocco at the COP22 climate change summit to reaffirm their commitment to a coordinated approach for monitoring Earth's climate, with particular focus on the water cycle.

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Tracking deforestation with UrtheCast satellite data

16 November 2016

There's no doubt that forests — the lungs of our planet — are under extreme pressure from deforestation. Since 2010, UrtheCast's Deimos-1 satellite has been collecting data for demanding forestry management projects, worldwide, and particularly in tropical areas.

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FLEX 2017 - Remote sensing of fluorescence, photosynthesis and vegetation status

17 - 19 January 2017

Organisation: European Space Agency (ESA)

Location: Frascati, Italy

Conference objectives:

  • Review the state of the art in vegetation fluorescence and biophysical parameter retrievals and exploitation.
  • Promote links between classical vegetation remote sensing methods (i.e., multispectral) and new approaches based on fluorescence and high spectral resolution measurements.
  • Bring together the vegetation remote sensing community, including data providers, experts and users.
  • Provide updates on recent modeling activities coupling remote sensing signals and vegetation physiology and dynamics.
  • Plan future activities in the field of vegetation remote sensing exploiting the new observational capabilities.

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