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Japanese H-2A rocket lifts off with two satellites

22 December 2017

Two research satellites to probe Earth's climate patterns and test ion engine technology to counter atmospheric drag in an unusual low-altitude orbit launched on 23 December 2017 on top of a Japanese H-2A rocket.

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Kiritimati (or Christmas) Island

SPOT 6 acquired this 1.5m resolution image of Kiritimati Island on 23 April 2017. Kiritimati Island is also known as Christmas Island and it is the world's largest coral atoll.

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FireBIRD monitors forest fires in California

20 December 2017

The recent California wildfires destroyed hundreds of buildings last year until reaching a peak in December. DLR's FireBIRD mission used infrared imagery to help monitor and identify the fires.

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Wet winters may not dampen small wildfires

21 December 2017

NASA scientists conducting research on the connection between fuel moisture and fires have uncovered a paradox: a wet winter corresponds to more small wildfires in the following fire season, not fewer, as is commonly assumed. Large fires behave more "logically", with fewer large fires after a wet winter and more after a dry one.

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Sentinel-3 helps water quality monitoring

21 December 2017

Monitoring large, remote bodies of water is logistically challenging, time consuming and expensive. Responding quickly to events that pose a risk to human health has been almost impossible, given the size of some lakes and seas. An innovative satellite data service is now able to change things around.

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Incredible photos from space reveal the biggest news stories on Earth in 2017

18 December 2017

The year 2017 was a torrent of monumental world events, with a string of crippling natural disasters, jaw-dropping technological achievements, and geopolitical actions that ranged from uplifting to egregious.

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LPVE2018 - Workshop on Land Product Validation and Evolution

27 February - 01 March 2018

Organisation: European Space Agency (ESA)

Location: Frascati, Italy

Conference overview:

Following the successful LPVE 2014, the European Space Agency (ESA) is inviting scientists and Cal/Val experts to present the latest results from their on-going research, including the evolution of products, the latest development in validation, the inter-comparison methodologies and the evolution of algorithms, at the 2018 Workshop on Land Product Validation and Evolution (LPVE 2018).

The workshop intends to address the following objectives:

  • Provide an overview on current land product Cal/Val approaches and protocols and their evolution
  • Revisit existing calibration and validation protocols and standards in the light of newly available satellite data, including Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3
  • Present land product inter-comparison methodologies (in situ, satellite-satellite)
  • Identify key recommendations for ESA land product algorithm evolution
  • Formulate recommendations for future land products and future Cal/Val activities
  • Encourage close collaboration between Cal/Val and research groups

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