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European ministers ready ESA for a united space in Europe in the era of Space 4.0

02 December 2016

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ESA today concluded a two-day Council meeting at ministerial level in Lucerne, Switzerland. Ministers in charge for space matters from ESA's 22 member states plus Slovenia and Canada allocated €10.3 billion for space activities and programmes based on the vision of a United Space in Europe in the era of Space 4.0.

The high level of subscriptions demonstrates once more that ESA's Member States consider space as a strategic and attractive investment with a particularly high socio-economic value.

It also underlines that ESA is THE European Space Agency capable of channeling their investment to respond effectively to regional, national and European needs by covering all elements of space: science, human spaceflight, exploration, launchers, telecommunications, navigation, Earth observation, applications (combining space, airborne and terrestrial technology), operations and technologies; as well as responding to the needs and challenges of Europe and the Member States by bringing together all stakeholders.

With the decision to release the Geophysical Data Record (GDR), the Jason-3 partner agencies CNES, NOAA, NASA/JPL and EUMETSAT ensure the availability of the full suite of Jason-3 products and confirm Jason-3 as the operational reference mission for ocean altimetry.

This also enlarges the portfolio of ocean products offered by the Copernicus Programme of the European Commission.

Source: ESA

Image credit: ESA