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Ball and SSL win study contracts for methane emission tracking satellite

11 January 2019

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The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) has awarded contracts to Ball Aerospace and Space Systems Loral to develop designs for a privately funded satellite to track methane emissions.

EDF announced Jan. 10 that the two companies had received study contracts, with an overall value of $1.5 million, to advance concepts for MethaneSAT, a spacecraft designed to monitor human-generated methane emissions worldwide. EDF said it selected the two companies from nearly two dozen firms that expressed an interest in the project.

The companies will spend the next several months refining their designs for MethaneSAT. EDF plans to then choose one of the companies to build the spacecraft for launch in 2021, but didn't specify when that downselect would take place.

Source: Space News

Image credit: EDF - An illustration of one concept for MethaneSAT, a small satellite designed to track methane emissions from human activities. Ball Aerospace and Space Systems Loral are the finalists to build the spacecraft.