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International focus on greenhouse gas monitoring satellites, sensors

11 January 2019

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Greenhouse gas monitoring was a hot topic at the American Meteorological Society's annual conference with international agencies discussing a global constellation and companies showing a new generation of sensors.

"We are looking quite hard in Europe, in the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites and the Coordination Group for Meteorological Satellites at a carbon monitoring verification system," said Ken Holmlund, chief scientist for Europe's meteorological agency Eumetsat. "Europe is planning three to four greenhouse gas monitoring satellites. We are looking at an international partnership and hoping the United States and Asia will respond to the call."

Through the Paris climate agreement, 174 countries and the European Union committed in 2015 to undertake efforts to mitigate global warming and to report progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions every five years beginning in 2023. (President Trump announced plans in 2017 to withdraw the United States from the pact.)

Source: Space News

Image credit: JAXA artist's concept - Harris Corp. built the primary carbon observation sensor for Japan's Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite-2, launched in October on a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries H2A rocket

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