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NASA shuts down in federal government funding impasse

01 October 2013

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With the United States federal government in partial shutdown, NASA is implementing drastic, across-the-board furloughs that will severely curtail ongoing research and development and shut down the agency's widely visited web site and satellite television channels.

But officials say flight controllers will continue to oversee the operation of the International Space Station, home to two NASA astronauts, an Italian flier and three Russian cosmonauts, and provide uninterrupted support for spacecraft in Earth orbit and across the solar system.

Of NASA's 18,250 civil servants, 16,135 -- nearly 90 percent -- will not be allowed to work during the shutdown. Of the 2,115 who have been deemed exempt, only 549 are considered full or part-time workers, cleared to use agency offices and facilities as required.

Source: Spaceflight Now

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