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Study maps 15 years of carbon dioxide emissions on Earth

11 September 2014

World leaders face multiple barriers in their efforts to reach agreement on greenhouse gas emission policies. And, according to Arizona State University researchers, without globally consistent, independent emissions assessments, climate agreements will remain burdened by errors, self-reporting and the inability to verify emissions progress.

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Managing coasts under threat from climate change and sea-level rise

29 August 2014

Coastal regions under threat from climate change and sea-level rise need to tackle the more immediate threats of human-led and other non-climatic changes, according to a team of international scientists.

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Operational cooperation with U.S. on Space Situational Awareness

29 August 2014

In the context of the Initial Joint Polar System it shares with the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), EUMETSAT has entered into a Space Situational Awareness data-sharing agreement with the US Strategic Command to protect its satellites against collision with space debris.

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Facing up to El Nino: Preparing Asia-Pacific to weather the storm of natural disasters

26 August 2014

In the event of an El Niño associated drought due to low-rainfall during the summer monsoon, India’s GDP could potentially fall by $23 billion, says a new United Nations assessment on the possibilities and policy options for governments attached to the impacts of the El Niño weather phenomenon in Asia and the Pacific.

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Assessment of semi-natural vegetation in EU agriculture and delivery of ecosystem services

08 August 2014

In a recently published article, the JRC presented its 1-km-resolution map of semi-natural vegetation in agricultural land in the EU-27, and assessed and classified the relation between semi-natural vegetation and ecosystem services in EU regions.

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Canadian Industry Minister Moore announces support for new space technologies that will provide crucial information about the Earth

07 August 2014

On 07 August 2014 the Industry Minister of Canada, James Moore, announced support for the development of new Earth Observation (EO) products that will provide crucial data to better understand our planet and manage our resources.

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Observing Earth today and tomorrow: A national plan

23 July 2014

Humans have been observing Earth for a very long time simply because the conditions of the Earth are basic to our survival and our prosperity. Even the most ancient written records are filled with accounts of great floods, famines, and earthquakes.

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Doubling radar vision of Earth

17 July 2014

Following a contract signed with Arianespace on 17 July 2014, the second Sentinel-1 satellite is now set to join its identical twin sister in orbit in early 2016, optimising the mission's global coverage to manage the environment and improve everyday lives.

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Demand for nano and microsatellites increasing across all applications

08 July 2014

NSR's Nano and Microsatellite Markets report, released 8 July, finds increasing reliability and capabilities driving uptake of 1-50 kg satellites across all applications, operators, and regions. In 2013 this nascent market surged into view with a trebling of total launches compared to 2012, and this higher launch rate will be sustained through the remainder of the decade and beyond.

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Public consultation on sharing spatial information in Europe shows benefits and obstacles

30 June 2014

Better data retrieval and access, greater interoperability of data and improved coordination across the EU top the list of benefits perceived by both data producers and users of spatial information on the environment.

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EU enhances commercial access to Earth observation data

17 June 2014

Businesses and research institutions will soon have more reliable access to commercial Earth observation satellite data, according to a proposal presented by the European Commission in Brussels on 17 June.

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US lifts restrictions on more detailed satellite images

16 June 2014

Sites like Google and Bing Maps will be able to use higher-quality satellite images, thanks to US government restrictions being lifted.

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Monitoring climate change from space

13 June 2014

How do measurements from satellites flying above Earth provide essential information on the effects of climate change on our planet? Scientific and political organisations considered the question in London on 13 June.

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Taking weather forecasting into the future

20 May 2014

The first documents signalling the go-ahead for Europe's fleet of MetOp Second Generation weather satellites were signed last week in the presence of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Berlin Air Show.

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Greece guaranteed access to Sentinel data

12 May 2014

Just weeks after the launch of Sentinel-1A, ESA and Greece have signed a first arrangement that establishes access to Sentinel data, marking a significant step forward in their exploitation.

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Bulgaria becomes EUMETSAT's 30th Member State

07 May 2014

With Bulgaria joining as a EUMETSAT Member State on 30 April, EUMETSAT has already achieved its goal to attain 30 Member States in the course of this year.

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As imagery market comes into sharper relief, DigitalGlobe looks at moving up GeoEye-2 launch

02 May 2014

Geospatial imagery and services provider DigitalGlobe on 1 May said demand for imagery of sharper resolution than what the U.S. government now allows for commercial sale appears so strong that the company could move up the launch date for its GeoEye-2 satellite.

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AsiaSat terminates deal to host GeoMetWatch sensor

24 April 2014

Commercial satellite fleet operator AsiaSat of Hong Kong has formally terminated its cooperation agreement with GeoMetWatch to place a hyperspectral meteorological sensor on the AsiaSat 9 telecommunications satellite now in development.

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Commerce Secretary calls risk of weather satellite gap 'too high'

11 April 2014

The U.S. commerce secretary says current weather satellite development programs are on track but nonetheless she continues to worry about a future gap in coverage.

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Global partnership for enhanced resilience to flood risk

31 March 2014

Under the lead of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre and the Dartmouth Flood Observatory (University of Colorado), the Global Flood Partnership was launched earlier this month.

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