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Airbus has helped Nestlé accelerate on its zero deforestation supply chain by 2020

09 May 2019

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Nestlé announced that 77% of its supply chain for agricultural commodities is verified deforestation-free. Thanks to Starling, our monitoring system for change in forest cover, Nestlé is changing the way they are managing deforestation risks.

Collectively, we all have a responsibility to protect forests and preserve the environment for future generation. Deforestation is one of the most pressing challenges of our times, each year around 18 million acres of forests are lost worldwide. We trust that technology can be a real gamer changer to transform the industry. That is why we decided in 2016 with Earthworm Foundation (NGO), to develop Starling, a satellite service that monitors change in forest cover.

Source: AIRBUS

Image credit: AIRBUS - Nestlé, Tackling deforestation with Starling