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ECMWF launches new simulated satellite data product

18 March 2016

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ECMWF has launched a new dataset called Simulated Satellite Data (SSD), which provides global high-resolution forecasts of the weather as seen from space.

Simulated satellite images generated from the SSD provide a unique view of global cloud cover and moisture features up to ten days into the future.

The new product is based on ECMWF's global forecasts at the record-breaking resolution introduced by the model upgrade announced on 10 March 2016.

"These images provide an exciting and unique view of the atmosphere predicted by our new high-resolution model – as it would be seen from space," ECMWF scientist Cristina Lupu said.

Source: ECMWF

Image credit: ECMWF - Simulated satellite imagery Meteosat 10 Channel 9

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