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Helping satellites to better observe our oceans

20 July 2016

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PML scientists are embarking on two new projects funded by the European Space Agency, ESA, to ensure the accuracy of satellite data that is used to observe our changing oceans, now and into the future.

To achieve this, PML scientists are involved in two new exciting international projects. The first (AMT4SentinelFRM) is led by PML, using measurements taken on the Atlantic Meridional Transect (AMT) during an annual research voyage between the UK and destinations in the South Atlantic. Drs Gavin Tilstone, Giorgio Dall'Olmo and Bob Brewin will use continuous on-board ship measurements to validate the accuracy and quality of the satellites orbiting overhead. This transect is of particular value as it covers a vast range of environments from the productive coastal regions to the desert-like gyres in the centre of the ocean, which are rarely accessed by research ships.

Data from Europe's Sentinel satellites will be central to the projects. This new suite of satellites, developed by the European Space Agency, forms the heart of the European Commission's Copernicus programme – the largest global environmental monitoring initiative ever conceived. The Sentinels carry a vast range of sensors to deliver a stream of complementary imagery and data for monitoring our land, ice, oceans and atmosphere.

Source: PML

Image credit: ESA/ATG medialab - Sentinel-3

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