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World's first space detective agency launched

08 October 2014

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In the middle of a boundary squabble with your neighbour? Want to find out who is dumping waste near your house? You need to call the space detectives.

Satellite imaging specialist Raymond Harris and space lawyer Raymond Purdy - both at University College London - have just launched Air & Space Evidence Ltd of London, the world's first space detective agency.

The pair intend to use their combined experience of space-based photographic databases and Earth observation privacy law to ensure that people can wield authentic imagery that stands up in court.

They want everyone to have the chance to use space imagery to settle legal disputes, from homeowners disputing garden boundaries to businesses fighting vehicle theft. Insurers might find it useful in investigating fraud and councils in tackling environmental assaults such as waste incineration or illegal logging and quarrying. And it won't cost much more than having your house surveyed, Harris says.

Source: NewScientist

Image credit: DigitalGlobe via Getty Images - Satellite image