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Copernicus Sentinels become powerful tool in biodiversity conservation

22 March 2019

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The conservation and protection of biodiversity is a fundamental activity of protected areas, such as the Samaria National Park, in Greece. The use of data from the Copernicus Sentinels, combined with geodiversity variables, are proving to be fundamental in monitoring certain areas where the Podarcis cretensis endemic lizard is found.

The fourth largest island of the Mediterranean, Crete hosts more than 50 mountain peaks that exceed 2000 m in elevation, the majority of them located at the west – such as the massif Lefka Ori. There, the Samaria National Park originates from the peaks down to the marine area, home to important seagrass meadows.

Source: Sentinel Online

Image credit: Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data (2018) /processed by Dimitris Poursanidis/FORTH - The Samaria National Park

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