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Sentinel-2 data being used to support and advise potato farmers in Belgium

29 August 2019

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Through a series of case studies, EARSC (the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies) aims to gather quantitative evidence that the usage of Copernicus Sentinel data provides an effective and convenient support to various market applications. These studies are undertaken in the framework of the project "Showcasing the benefits brought by the usage of Sentinels data to society, environment and economy: a bottom-up assessment based on traceable impacts along selected value chains".

In this case study, EARSC looks at the WatchITGrow (WIG) platform, developed by VITO, a Belgian research organisation in the area of cleantech and sustainable development, and other actors in the sector. EARSC found that Sentinel data lies at the heart of the platform, and whilst other data also plays an essential role in the performance of the system, Copernicus Sentinel's regular imagery updates are what make it work.

Source: Copernicus

Image credit: WIG - Example of how WIG uses Sentinel 2 data to show variability between fields: early varieties are indicated in blue and late varieties are indicated in red

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